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2024 47th International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal Processing (TSP)

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Building a Wireless Sensor Network with nRF24 Module for Home Security: Design and Implementation

In this article, we present the architecture of the wireless sensor network based on nRF24 technology, detailing the communication protocol and data packet structure. Furthermore, we introduce a unique door/window sensor node, specifically designed to integrate into the proposed wireless sensor network. This sensor node employs the nRF24L01+ module for wireless communication, enabling it to transmit status updates regarding the opening and closing of doors and windows in real-time. The unique design of this sensor node addresses the specific challenges associated with home security, such as low power consumption, compact form factor, and reliable operation. Through experimental validation and performance analysis, we demonstrate the efficacy of our approach in enhancing home monitoring and security while maintaining energy efficiency and reliability.

Branko Babusiak
University of Zilina

Maros Smondrk
University of Zilina


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