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2024 47th International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal Processing (TSP)

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Zero-bit transmission of adaptive pre- and de-emphasis filters for speech and audio coding

This paper introduces a novel adaptation approach for first-order pre- and de-emphasis filters, an essential tool in many speech and audio codecs to increase coding efficiency and perceived quality. The proposed zero-bit self-adaptation approach differs from classical forward and backward adaptation approaches in that the de-emphasis coefficient is estimated at the receiver, from the decoded pre-emphasized signal. This eliminates the need to transmit information that arises from forward adaptation as well as the signal-filter lag that is inherent in backward adaptation. Evaluation results show that the de-emphasis coefficient can be estimated accurately from the decoded pre-emphasized signal and that the proposed zero-bit self-adaptation approach provides comparable subjective improvement to forward adaptation.

Niloofar Omidi Piralideh
University of sherbrooke

Philippe Gournay
University of sherbrooke

Roch Lefebvre
University of sherbrooke


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