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2024 47th International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal Processing (TSP)

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CELEOS - SDR based satellite channel emulator

This paper introduces an efficient, versatile, and low-cost SDR based satellite channel emulator that can emulate any type of satellite channel and can apply all representative signal impairments. A user-friendly graphical interface allows device operation, parameter settings and satellite selection. The emulator allows to select a specific satellite based on Two Line Element (TLE) and derive all the radio channel parameters for emulation. The emulator uses a CPU/GPU based processing system to apply all the specific impairments on the radio signal, according to the user selected channel profile. Laboratory and live test with an open solution 5G Non-Terrestrial Network confirm the appropriate emulator operation.

Ionel Romeo Petrut
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Raul Iacoban
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Cornel Balint
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