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2024 47th International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal Processing (TSP)

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On The Effectiveness of Congestion Control Algorithms on MPT-GRE Networks

Contemporary academic research is seeing a notable surge in interest in investigating the multifaceted aspects associated with the advancement of multipath technologies, an area of prominence within ongoing research efforts. This burgeoning interest is exemplified by the prominence of protocols such as Multipath TCP (MPTCP) and Multipath UDP (MPT), which have appeared as focal points within contemporary research trends. The continual evolution of networking protocols, containing diverse iterations of the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), including (CUBIC, Reno, Vegas, BBR, etc.) has been characterized by a sustained effort to congestion detection and control algorithms. This paper demonstrates the effectiveness of TCP congestion control algorithms within a network operating under the MPT-GRE network layer multipath technology. Various factors contributing to congestion were added to one of the two paths, including delay or packet loss. The study illustrates the contribution of congestion control algorithms to the increase in network throughput by resolving transient period issues in MPT-GRE multipath networks. The main objective is to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of congestion control algorithms within the MPT network architecture. Through systematic analysis and experimental testing, this study provides valuable insights into the performance of congestion detection algorithms. It gives evidence of their significant positive effect in multipath MPT-GRE networks.

Naseer Al-Imareen
Széchenyi István University

Gábor Lencse
Széchenyi István University


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