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2024 47th International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal Processing (TSP)

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Performance of CSI and RSS in Indoor Localization

Localization in WiFi networks has become an important research area due to its wide range of applications in various domains. In this paper, we focus on the evaluation of the localization performance achieved for fingerprinting localization using Channel State Information (CSI) and Received Signal Strength (RSS) in WiFi networks. CSI and RSS are two types of measurements that can be extracted from WiFi signals and utilized to estimate the location of a mobile device. However, the accuracy and reliability of localization can vary depending on these measurements. In this paper experimental evaluation of the performance of the WiFi based positioning based on RSS and CSI measurements is presented. Both CSI and RSS data from two access points were collected under identical conditions and used to estimate the position of a mobile device. The performance was compared based on achieved localization errors for both approaches.

Miroslav Hutar
University of Zilina

Peter Brida
University of Zilina

Juraj Machaj
University of Zilina


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