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2024 47th International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal Processing (TSP)

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Frequency-Reconfigurable Compact MIMO Antenna Design for 6G Satellite Communication Systems

This study presents an innovative and compact MIMO antenna design for sixth-generation (6G) satellite communication systems operating within the D band. Measuring 2.951×2.951×0.127 mm³, the antenna uses Rogers RT5880 material for its substrate layer, known for its favorable dielectric properties. A key feature is the integration of a PIN diode, enabling frequency reconfiguration across six distinct bands from 120 GHz to 220 GHz, with a bandwidth of up to 27 GHz. The antenna achieves a maximum gain of 8.27 dBi and a peak efficiency of 92%. Its optimization ensures port isolation of less than -40 dB, coherence coefficients near zero, and a diversity gain of 10 dB, which are crucial for robust MIMO performance. These characteristics collectively provide high gain, efficiency, effective isolation, and minimal mutual coupling between antenna ports. This work stands out due to its broad frequency range and compact form factor, making it suitable for modern 6G communication systems. The ability to dynamically switch between multiple frequency bands while maintaining high performance highlights the antenna's versatility and potential impact on future satellite communication technologies

Fawzy Alsharif
Ondokuz mayıs University

Cetin Kurnaz
Ondokuz Mayıs University


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